Mid-Autumn Festive Gift Set 中秋花好月圓禮盒




流心奶黃月餅、 蝴蝶酥、蛋香曲奇、紅菜頭紅莓曲奇、綠茶松子仁曲奇及朱古力咖啡榛子曲奇

Limited Mid-Autumn Festival edition:

Lava custard moon cake, palmier, egg cookies, beetroot & cranberry cookies, matcha & pine nut cookies and mocha & hazelnut cookies

*Early bird discount is for pre-order, only available to pick up at the Hong Kong branches, the gift sets will be in stock on or after August 15th.

運送方式請選擇 “中秋禮盒自取”
Delivery method please choose “Mid Autumn Gift Set Pick up”

Our staff will contact to confirm the pick-up schedule within one-week after completing the order.

Please contact us for more details:
查詢電話 Tel:+852 2382 2817
Whatsapp : +852 5445 5103
電郵地址 Email:order@cookiesquartet.com


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