Mid-Autumn Limited Gift Set 中秋花好月圓禮盒


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Limited Mid-Autumn Festival edition:

自家製迷你奶黃月餅 Homemade mini custard moon cake 2pcs
蝴蝶酥 Palmier 8pcs
紅桑子牛油脆脆 Raspberry rusk 3pcs
柚子牛油脆脆 Yuzu rusk 3pcs
金芝麻曲奇 Golden sesame cookie 3pcs
抹茶脆米曲奇 Matcha cereal cookie 3pcs

*Early bird discount is for pre-order, the gift sets can be picked up or delivery from 1st September.

Our staff will contact to confirm the pick-up or delivery schedule within one-week after completing the order.

Please contact us for more details:
查詢電話 Tel:+852 2382 2817
Whatsapp : +852 5445 5103
電郵地址 Email:order@cookiesquartet.com

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