年年有餘賀年禮盒 CNY Festive Set

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Chinese New Year gift for beloved relatives and friends.

新年造型朱古力 CNY decorated chocolate 1pc
原味蝴蝶酥 Palmier 6pcs
伯爵茶蝴蝶酥 Earl Grey Palmier 6pcs
開心果曲奇 Pistachio Cookies 4pcs
朱古力曲奇 Devil Chocolate Cookies 10pcs
牛油杏仁片曲奇 Almond Butter Crisp 10pcs
藍莓麥皮粟米片曲奇 Blueberry & Cornflake Oatmeal Cookies 3pcs
椰子花糖曲奇 Coconut Flower Palm Sugar Cookies 2pcs
櫻花腰果曲奇 Sakura Cashew Nut Cookies 4pcs
紅菜頭紅莓曲奇 Beetroot & Cranberry Cookies 4pcs
抹茶脆米曲奇 Matcha Cereal Cookies 4pcs
鹹蛋黃曲奇 Salted Egg Yolk Cookies 4pcs

Available for order now, the set will be ready on early Feb

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Weight 348 g


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